If You See a
Griff in Need

If you know a Griff who needs to be rescued or rehomed, please contact the coordinator for your area.

Vicki O'Neill

For general assistance and for help in any area not listed above


(203) 219-4380

The many looks of the Brussels Griffon

NBGR has rescued Griffs as small as 5 lb. to over 25 lb. Their coats can be rough or smooth -- and blonde, red, belge, black, or black and tan.

Their ears may be cropped or uncropped. Their tails may or may not be docked short.

The most distinctive thing about the appearance of this sweet breed is the face. The Smooths are very pug-like, and the Roughs are most often described as looking like an Ewok or Wookiee from Star Wars. (That is no coincidence. George Lucas loved his Brussels Griffons.)

The range of appearances can make it difficult for shelter workers and visitors to identify Griffs in the shelters correctly.

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