volunteer opportunities

Help our Rescues get from shelters to foster homes or from foster homes to forever homes. Sometimes a little of your time and driving skill is all that’s needed to get a Rescue from point A to B and on to Happy Endings and New Beginnings. How cool is that?

Shelters are extremely busy, and sometimes it’s hard to get good pictures of their animals from them. We need volunteers to go to shelters to help confirm if a dog is indeed a Brussels Griffon or Affenpinscher. You may help to free a Griff or Affenpinscher -- and make room in the shelter for another dog in need.

It is imperative that volunteers follow shelter rules and instructions from shelter staff.  Showing patience and respect for shelter staff helps maintain a good and open relationship between NBGR and the shelter. 

We never know where or when a Griff in need will appear. They may show up in shelters, on Craig’s list, on Facebook, etc. We need eyes on the lookout for them. You will work with an NBGR coordinator.

Some of our Rescues come to us in really bad shape, while others might just need a nice bath and a trim. Our Rescues benefit greatly from groomers who can help us in their area.

All of our foster and adoptive homes require home visits. You can help us when we have a home in the approval process in your area. Guidance and instructions will be provided by the adoption coordinator.

Every adoption/foster application requires that references be verified. Would you like to be a part of the team that helps with this very important process in our application reviews? Volunteers must be friendly and skillful telephone interviewers who can gather and process essential information. You will be working with an adoption coordinator or application team leader.

PLEASE NOTE: Review team volunteers will be processing confidential information and must exercise absolute discretion.

Would you be interested in becoming an adoption/foster coordinator? The best way is to ‘learn the ropes’ by assisting our active coordinators.

Our adoption/foster coordinators are responsible for bringing Rescues into our program, finding foster homes, evaluating required health and medical needs, reviewing and interviewing potential new families, and -- the best part -- matching the very best family with each Rescue. This position can be time-intensive and occasionally frustrating, but it is richly rewarding.

Many of our Rescues have medical issues and/or are seniors who stay in our program until they take their final breath. It is costly, but worth every penny we spend. We are always in need of funds to help continue our efforts. We are looking for creative, forward-thinking, organized, and detail-oriented Brussels Griffon lovers. Do you enjoy working on fundraising? Do you have eBay or online auction experience? If you would like to help, we would love to hear from you!  

Do you have experience with grant applications? Can you research, prepare, and submit proposals for funding; communicate with potential donors and institutional donors; write sponsorship packages; and identify new funding opportunities? If so, we would love to have your help.

We are looking for creative writers, who use excellent grammar and punctuation, to help with thank-you notes/letters, bios for our Rescues, Happy Endings and New Beginnings articles, newsletters, and updates for our website.

Do you love to be online? Are you social media and tech savvy? We are looking for team players skilled with the etiquette and best practices for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms to help keep Griffy-lovers engaged.

Help us grow our social presence and leverage each platform to engage our fosters, adopters/potential adopters, volunteers, and donors, as we build a stronger safety net for the breed we love. Creativity, writing skills, and timeliness are what we are looking for.

We can use your talents to promote NBGR by keeping our website fresh and up to date, promoting upcoming events, and posting new Rescues and Happy Endings/New Beginnings success stories. Experience with WordPress is a plus.

We need help creating brochures, literature, and other graphic elements for print, web, and social media.

Do you have previous non-profit experience you would like to share?

Do you have videography or video editing talents? We want to use your creativity to make something wonderful to tell our story and the story of our Rescues. Your videos will be posted on our website, social media, and other platforms.

When we have Rescues in your area, can you help us with your camera talents? As you know, photography has the power to capture hearts -- and save lives. We need great photos of our Rescues who are available for adoption or who have been adopted. Also, if we have a Griffy social gathering in your area, it would be wonderful to have you join us to celebrate and to document the occasion for our social media and website.