1993 – June 19, 2006

In Memory of Trippi
He was and still is everything to me. I will always miss him.

Trippi had been an unwanted gift and thrown out of the house. This little seven-pound dog survived roughly three years before the final kick from his master left him to die on the streets of Clanton, Alabama. His master’s wife picked him up and took him to a veterinary hospital and said they didn’t want him. He had no name. The vet treated him and an employee, Anne, a friend of mine, said she’d get him in rescue.

Trippi was hospitalized for three weeks. He was emaciated from hunger and parasites and had fleas even on the rims of his eyelids. He had a concussion and fractured vertebras. Anne had to bathe him many times to remove the fleas and street stench off his fragile little body. She delighted in feeding him four cans of Little Champions everyday. She said he ate with a vengeance!

I had recently returned from Alabama when I received a call from Anne saying there was a little Brussels griffon needing rescue and asking how soon could I get back to Alabama. She remembered many years earlier I had told her about a little Griff that had been brought to a veterinary hospital in New Orleans where I worked. The vets said he simply had no will to live. He was only two or three and had been a status symbol. I felt badly because I had been too busy to give him much attention that day but had planned on going to work early the next morning in order to spend time with him. The little guy died during the night.

On September 07, 1996, I made another trip to Clanton, Alabama to get this little Griff. Hence his name, “Trippi.”

Trippi had to learn to walk again without stumbling and falling due to neurological damage. He learned how to run with lightning speed! He learned to play with toys and how he loved to make them squeak! He was a little clown. He learned to trust me and the delightful Griff personality came through even though he had been so severely abused. Best of all he so enjoyed food and being close to me. Never again did he want for either.

Trippi went to sleep in my arms at 9:15 A.M. on June 19, 2006. His delightful little personality came through once more as I held him and told him I was taking him home. His little eyes lit up as I held him and I told him I loved him so, then they softly and peacefully closed as he heard my voice and felt my love for him. The tumor had only that day affected his precious eyes. I didn’t let him suffer.

Trippi’s little soul is at The Rainbow Bridge. Out of my kitchen window, I see tiny flowers blooming on his little grave but he’s really buried in my heart. His little pillow is still next to mine.

I thank God for having blessed me with Trippi…this once unwanted little dog.

I love you so Trippi.