Tommy, Travis & Tanner

We had such happy times and they changed my life profoundly.”

Tanner (the little guy on the right in this picture) was my first griff and he came into my life in 1997 at the age of 5. He lived to be 15 and each day we spent together was wonderful. Next came Travis (in the middle) several years later who would live to be 14 and become my special sweetheart. My heart broke when he crossed the bridge two years ago and I will never be quite the same. Tommy came into our lives unexpectedly as a rescue when he was 8 and quickly made himself at home with the pack. He passed away at 13 of kidney failure and I felt his loss deeply. My three boys were glued together and it was so wonderful to have them all in my life. We had such happy times and they changed my life profoundly. I miss them so much and rarely a day goes by when they are not in my thoughts.

Also, about four years ago my husband Mark and I fostered and eventually adopted Toby through NBGR. He’s a Brussels Griffon mix of some sort and looks like a cross between a Smooth and a pug. He’s my husband’s baby and they are completely devoted to each other. Last year I got Tibbs, a red rough, so we have a new family of griffs who are bringing us new joy. They will never replace Tanner, Travis, and Tommy, but each one is special.

Owned and loved by: Barbara Taylor