You were an Angel and a saviour

Theodore, you were one of the sweetest most lovable dogs I have ever known. I remember the first time I saw you and how skinny, scrawny, and frail you were, yet still so adorable. Being the runt of the litter I was concerned that my sister had just purchased damaged goods. My sister, Shannon, fell in love with you instantly and she knew if she left you in that pet store you may not make it out alive and she had to change your life. Even though your bright light shined on us for a short time, that bright light would change us all.

You were by no means damaged goods, you were an Angel and a saviour. Five years just wasn’t enough time with you, but I am so grateful that time was with our family. Even after you became sick you never failed to share those amazing little hugs and your unconditional love. You saved us in more ways than you will ever know and we will be forever grateful. I am going to miss your hugs and the way you shared your greetings with so much affection and happiness. I know you are at the Rainbow bridge running and playing with Roni.

Until we meet again sweet puppy, I will see you in my dreams. We will love you forever and you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Love, your Aunt Paige