Rest In Peace, my sweet Stella.
There is nothing to be scared of anymore

Adopting Stella was fate, we were meant to be together. She was an Amish puppy mill rescue and came to me scared of absolutely everything. Stella was almost five-month-old when I got her. I had her for seven amazing years. She passed away just a couple months shy of her 8th birthday. She taught me about patience, courage, trust, and unconditional love throughout her life. Unfortunately on May 25th while I was out she got out of her yard. An army of friends helped me look for her, unfortunately, 23 days after she went missing her body was found near the creek bed. My heart broke.

In the seven years that we spent together, Stella never disappointed me. We competed in agility together, and this scared little girl blossomed! At the time of her passing Stella was the #2 Brussels Griffon in the country for agility, and she was the fastest Griff (yards per second) in the entire world. We were invited last year to compete at the Agility Invitational in Florida, where she flew around the courses and placed in the top ten 8 inch dogs (of every breed) in each of her classes.

She would do anything that I asked of her, even if she was scared because she trusted me 100%. We made an amazing team. She was also my happy sidekick, going on hikes, playing fetch in the backyard, or just hanging out on the couch. Stella was my “once in a lifetime” dog, there will always be a very special place in my heart for her.

Submitted by her loving owner Sarah Rutland