Ruth – loved by Sarah, Jason, Zoe and all of us at NBGR.

Sweet Ruth came to NBGR in August 2019 – she was one of 16 griffs from a puppy mill bust and shut down in Ohio.  At the time the vet guessed she might be 4-5-6 years old – but we never really know.  The conditions the dogs were kept in were horrendous.  There were 150 dogs in an unheated barn.  Dogs were bred constantly and fed and watered only now and then.  It’s no wonder poor Ruth was emotionally damaged and terrified of everything.  She had been nothing more than a puppy factory – never knowing a kind touch or love of any kind.

Ruth stayed in a foster home for about 20 months.  Her foster moms worked with her and she learned that life could be better than it had been – but she was still very afraid of anything out of her normal home world.

In April of 2021 Ruth went to a new home with Sarah and Jason in Michigan.  Sarah had previously adopted and loved another NBGR mill rescue with similar issues to Ruth’s so we hoped she would do well with Sarah.  Ruth blossomed with Sarah’s wonderful care.  When Sarah’s older dog passed away another NBGR girl named Zoe joined Sarah and Jason and Ruth.  Zoe is a well-adjusted happy girl and she helped to bring Ruth along.  Ruth was a very tough case – but when she began to trust Sarah and Jason her world made a big transition and she loved everything around her. 

Sadly the awful treatment Ruth had in her younger life caught up with her.  Ruth had lung disease, trachea and breathing issues.  Sarah, Jason and Ruth fought hard – but Ruth’s health issues were too many.  RIP Ruth – run free with no pain now – until we meet again – we will love you always.