In Memory of Patrick

Patrick thought he was a person. He insisted he could go everywhere with us and so we took him in his Sherpa to the movies (when it got quiet you could hear his snore), the grocery store, restaurants, and on many airplane rides.

For the first four years, he was Louise’s boy, looking at me with suspicion when I arrived home from work. He was lucky his #1 mother worked from home, especially because he had high separation anxiety.

When Louise had to move to take a job in another city, we made monthly trips to visit her and he would bounce and dance with excitement when I said “We’re going to see Mommy!”

Once in his “man cave” carrier, he would never make a peep. Most people thought I was carrying a gym bag and would be delighted as I unzipped the top and he popped up bright-eyed with a bearded smile.

During the past two years, I became his person. He would dance backwards on his hind legs and howl like a coyote when I came home from work. He could tell me if he wanted to go out (run to front door) or eat a snack (paw at his treat dish) or if he just wanted love (my favorite: planting himself on my chest and licking my ear). He would let me know to stop working or looking at my phone and pay him some proper attention by pulling on my hand with an insistent paw.

He was our gift from the heavens, never taken for granted, and so loved by all that he was always welcomed wherever we went! Our true companion and dearest friend.

We were so very saddened and shocked by his sudden demise and will miss him forever. He was such a good boy. We loved him to the moon and back.

Janet and Louise