In Memory of Oscar

In February, after 12 wonderful years, Oscar passed on. Oscar was a beloved family member, therapy dog, and foster brother.

Oscar spent his first few years as a city puppy in Manhattan, meeting up with his dog park buddies, and learning which local businesses always had treats on hand for a visiting pup. Oscar impressed friends and family with his repertoire of tricks and was always ready with a high five.

Oscar and his family later moved up to an old New Hampshire farmhouse, where he quickly adjusted to country life. He loved to romp and play in the wide-open grass and dash through and around his backyard agility obstacle course.

Over the years, Oscar became a certified therapy dog and brought comfort and joy to nursing home residents who looked forward to his visits. He also served as a role model and foster brother to several other Brussels Griffons who temporarily shared his family’s home, including Griffey who became a permanent member of the family.

Oscar left behind his brother Griffey and his loving human parents, as well as his extended family and many friends. He is greatly missed by all who knew him.