Oct 2002 – July 2011

In loving memory of our dear friend Oscar, my little Velcro dog. For your unconditional love and your amazing understanding of our vocabulary which included, go for a walk, a ride, get in your car seat, go to your crate, time to eat, give me a hug and let’s go to bed not to mention the standard come, sit and lay down. What a smart guy you are!! Miss you even when showering, without you there to lie on the bath rug. You were my very best fur buddy and my heart is breaking, but could not imagine not having you in my life even if I had known the current heartbreak that I’d be feeling.

I hope you are romping and playing over the rainbow bridge my friend, with no more pain. I’m so glad you were a part of my life and I love you buddy….. Cheryl Maynard.