Our hearts are heavy with sadness, sleep will not come often enough to offer solace. On July 3, we had to say goodbye to Nitro, also known as Mr. Ni, our 13-year-old rescue who had gone blind and had lost most of his hearing. He fell victim to a recurrence of an autoimmune disorder that he barely survived three years ago. He was a brave little tough guy, he passed away while at his favorite place in the world, the beach, in Nancy’s arms. No more will I be pawed at to pet him, be surprised when he graced me with his stingy kisses, or will he be caught illegally on the back of the sofa. This world and our lives are lesser without him. I was always amused when he would move his legs and bark in his sleep, now I hope he is running free in dog heaven. Farewell, little man. You are loved.

David Tatum