In Memory of Molly

Thirteen years ago Molly came into our lives with her tiny tail happily wagging at first sniff. It never stopped. She was our empty-nester third child, in every way.

Molly lovingly filled our days and became the center of our attention. Through the years, she wrapped us around her little paws and we accepted it. She warmed our laps and kept us company for crossword puzzles, books, and naps and when not sitting on or beside us, she followed us around the house. If we left Molly at home, she often sat by the window, “guarding” and awaiting our return. And when we arrived, her greeting included a joyous dance, twirling about and raising a paw to show us how cute she was. She was right!

We adored our little girl, for her bedtime facial lickings, for the way she snuggled into us in bed, for her comforting presence, and for the way she made us happy. She taught us as much about loving life and each other as we taught her. We miss you our dearest Molly and will carry you in our hearts forever.