Milo was a very special boy.

He loved treats, belly rubs, and sunbeams. Above all else, he loved being with his people and he worked hard to keep them together.

He hated skateboarders, motorcycles, dogs that did not respect him, baths, and being left alone.

Milo was born in Arkansas. He adopted his first-person, Christopher, in Southern California where they lived for a time. He adopted his second person, Josh, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The family moved to New York City when Milo was seven. His gregarious attitude and enthusiasm for meeting people had his new neighbors remarking that he seemed like a puppy. Milo’s extroversion meant that within months of being in New York he helped his dads make new friends and build their community. He became a popular member of the New York social scene, enjoying Brussels Griffon meetups, dog parks and making friends wherever he went.

Milo had many health issues, but he was a fighter. He had a compromised immune system, diabetes, Cushing’s, anxiety, and more. He had specialists in three states. Against all odds, he made it to his eleventh birthday.

Milo lived in the moment; he always forgave quickly and modeled love and optimism. Those qualities made him an incredible companion who will be missed.

Your dads will always love and remember you, Milo.