In Loving Memory
of Steve Ruth

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we share the sad news that NBGR has lost a beloved and valued member of our team – Steve Ruth. Steve, the husband of our Ohio coordinator Lyn Ruth and a hero for our rescues, passed away on April 2nd, 2022.

Steve was the guy behind the scenes who was ALWAYS springing into action to help with whatever needed to be accomplished. At the drop of a hat, he would jump in his car and drive for hours to retrieve a Griff in need of rescue. It was only a few weeks ago that we received a call for a little Griff in immediate need whose owner had passed away. Without hesitation, Steve was on the road for almost 7 hours to come to her aid.

Steve once hopped on a plane and flew with another volunteer to pick up four puppy mill releases. As soon as they picked up the rescues they were on the next flight back to Ohio. Upon landing, the flight crew announced “we have dog rescuers and newly rescued dogs aboard” – when the announcement was made, the plane was filled with cheers, and they were given a hearty standing ovation by everyone on the plane!

Through the years Steve and Lyn have taken in and cared for several large groups of Griffs from puppy mill shutdowns or surrenders. Just a few years ago they had 12 NBGR Griffs at their house for almost two months. How many people would do that!

Pre-Covid 19, we had Griffy meet-ups in Ohio in the fall for several years. Steve and a few volunteers tirelessly carted supplies, fencing, and ex pens over to the meet-up location and set everything up. A few hours later they dismantled it and took it all back home again. The meet-ups were fun but a lot of work! Through it all, Steve always had a big smile on his face. Some of us who have been with NBGR for a long time were lucky enough to go to these Great Lakes Griffy Gatherings and spend time with Steve.

Over the years we have taken in some difficult dogs into rescue. A little over 6 years ago, a big, ornery, 10-year-old, 24 lb. Griff named Toby came to our rescue. He proved to be cranky as well as nippy. Toby really didn’t like anyone, but he loved Steve. He became Steve’s sidekick helping him work the farm. Toby died a couple of months ago. We like to picture him as young, pain-free, and ecstatic to greet his buddy Steve at the Rainbow Bridge.

Our broken hearts are with Lyn and her entire family of behind-the-scenes NBGR helpers – Carrie and her kids – Owen, Hudson, and Ivy – who loved their “Papa” the best.

We will greatly miss the compassion and joy Steve brought to the world, but he will always be with us in spirit. Rest in peace, our friend, we will miss you until we see you again.