“Leo was our first kid, and made us a family. It is impossible to believe that so much love and bravado could fit into such a tiny package. Leo was strong-willed and rebellious, with his own ideas about how things should be. He was also impossibly clever, manipulative, and funny. The common thread through everything Leo did, good (fiercely loyal) and bad (treating the inside of our house like an outhouse), was that it all revolved around his wanting to be with the family he loved. Like any dog, Leo loved walks, but it wasn’t because he loved being outside, but because he loved the alone time with whoever was walking him. Leo loved treats, but it was the special treatment that he loved more than the food. And, when Leo wasn’t well, he exceeded all physical expectations because the time with his family was all the incentive that he needed. He wanted the same thing we did – just to be together. We love and miss our little Leo so much. But, as lonely as it is without him now, it pales in comparison to the way he filled our home and hearts. “