Lannette Badel

Oct. 17, 1941 – Feb. 16, 2013

Lannette had a lot of struggles during her life, but she seldom complained. She always tried to be optimistic and was compassionate for other people’s problems. She was extremely intelligent and was on the waiting list for the TV show, “So You Want To Be a Millionaire”; acing the difficult qualifying pre-show exam.

She loved each and every one of her Griffs and having puppies in her home was her passion. Her dogs brought joy and happiness into her life and were what she lived for She always made time to help new Griff owners, or old friends, with any questions or hands-on grooming problems they might have had. She was a true ambassador to our Brussels Griffon breed and is missed by many. At the end of her time here with us, she managed to hang on until she knew all her dogs had good loving homes and were happy.

Always loving, always caring, will always be missed…………. Thank you, my friend….. Nancy Andreas