12/16/02 – 7/2/11


The Rainbow Bridge poem is so beautiful…I can’t wait to hold her again…she was my sleeping friend, my morning coffee partner, as we snuggled on the couch drinking coffee and watching the news, and on sunny days she loved to layout on the deck with me. When I cut grass she followed behind me on the lawnmower and when I was in the garden working she was always a row away watching me as she ate the weeds. At supper she was at my feet begging for a morsel…of course, my husband always gave in. Nothing was cuter except for when I ran up from the basement with a can of wet dog food as she waited at the top of the steps, knowing it was for her, she wagging her tail, running in a circle, shaking her butt in excitement…then running to her bowl…cuz mama had a treat for her. My heart hurts for her so dearly….I can’t stand to be in the house…I keep looking for her…

Thank you for bringing her into my life – without you, I would never have met such a precious little soul. She forever changed my life.