This is my Memorial for my little Brussels Griffon JoJo—by Judith Rycroft

I remember
JoJo’s first meeting with me, when
she was dragged trembling from a cage;
JoJo’s fear of people, grass, steps, toys, touch…
and how she gradually learned to be happy and adored;
Jojo’s eyes, huge and brown and
following my every move;
JoJo’s excitement when I picked up
a plastic newspaper bag—that meant
Walkies with poop/bag;
JoJo’s silent alarm—standing with her
paws on the bed by my head, just
staring, but letting me know it was
breakfast time;
JoJo’s “woof”s to tell me that the
doorbell or telephone had rung or there was
someone at the door; and how she stopped
barking when I said “Thank You”;
JoJo’s graduation from Obedience School,
where she won her diploma despite the fact
that she would not do anything so silly as
“roll over”…
I remember so much, but especially the joy she found
in the last years of her life and the total, wriggling,
constant love she poured upon me.
JoJo died June 13, 2012 a day before her 7th birthday,
quietly, of an apparent aneurysm.

The National Brussels Griffon Rescue person, Connie L., wrote me: I’m so sorry about your little JoJo, I know your loss has left a huge hole in your heart. Please know that no fur baby can ever take JoJo’s place but it can help your heart to heal. Also think about it this way, adopting a rescue in need is a wonderful way to honor JoJo – you would be giving another a home and the love that JoJo was fortunate to have in her short life. Many who adopt have been in your shoes and find that their hearts have a huge capacity for sharing love.

So…Crissi has come into my life and home. I have put photographs of JoJo and Crissi on my page for those of you who have been blessed by the love of a pet.