In Loving Memory of Broccoli

Broccoli came to use from the National Brussel Griffon Rescue web site on March 8th 2008. He started off as kind of a joke when I showed my wife his picture and said “This is the only way you will get me to like broccoli”. Next thing I knew we were on a trip to LA to pick up a dog. And you know what I never did actually “like” him, I fell in love with him instantly. He had a quirky smile and a certain air about him that told me he adopted me as much as I adopted him.

He enjoyed meeting people and when we took him out anywhere he was always ready for any kind of rub (head, back belly etc). When I told people about how he came to be they would always laugh and say he is a great puppy. They also comment on his defining feature, his Fu Manchu beard (his Fu). They just love the way it looked on him and said it definitely fit his personality.

Over the next 14 years Broc has been my constant companion, through good times and bad. In 2016 (or there about) he developed diabetes and was on regular doses of Novalin N  but as the years went on his health started declining and in the last few weeks he was shutting down. Today I say good bye to my buddy, my friend and most of all my constant companion that I love.