“He will forever be in our heart”

In May 2005 Herbie and 26 other Brussels Griffos were taken from a house in Phoenix by the Arizona Humane Society. Herbie, (three months old), spent the next six months in protective custody at the AZ Humane Society until a judge determined if they could be returned to the previous owner. The case dragged on, and was postponed many times, in November 2005, Herbie came to our home as fosters and stayed until May 2006 when the judge decided that the previous owner could never own any pets.

In July 2006, we found a new home for Herbie in Benson, Arizona. Herbie ran away the morning after we delivered him. My friend and I had spent the night in a motel in Benson and joined the search. The weather went from very hot to monsoon rains and Herbie was lost in a strange town. Posters were put up, the local Humane Society helped in the search and placed humane traps. After nine days Herbie went into one of the traps. He had been bitten by something many times and needed surgery to clean out and drain his wounds. I told the new family that Herbie was going back to Phoenix to live with my husband and me and our other six griffs.

Herbie and I made three trips to the Brussels Griffon National Dog Show in Louisville and he marched in the “Rescue Parade”. He loved to travel and loved visiting with all the other griffs.

Herbie’s short life ended on Sunday, September 18, 2011, when his platelets began destroying themselves.

We want to thank the whole griffy community for their love and prayers for this little rescue. He could not have been more loved by the world than a champion Brussels Griffon. Herbie will forever be in our hearts. Carol & Lee Morgan

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