October 24, 2004

Hello Marjorie…. I need to update my rescue from almost 2 years ago – George.

From St. College, Pa.

George passed away at assumedly 17 years old. He had a multitude of physical problems at 15 when I got him. I loved this little old guy sooooo much. My heart and soul are absolutely broken. He now waits at the Rainbow” “Bridge” in heaven for me. In the end always in my vet’s care, every time he blinked I have him there. This time his kidneys gave out. He was on a regiment of medications to keep him going.

This time there wasn’t any more I could do. He did not hear, nor see, as one eye was ulcerated when I got him. That did get better with time. He had a heart murmur.

His teeth were removed when I got him as they were rotten in his jaw and was infected terribly and was on antibiotic till the end because of infection and his age.

His hip was the worst the vets say they had seen, but, assured me he did not have pain from that. He was the most loving dog I have ever had. I miss him everyday.

My life feels so empty without him. My other Brussels and ShizTzu can’t understand where he got to.

God Blessed me so much to be able to have George in my life for that short time.

Please keep me in mind if another needs a loving home.

Thank you for having such a wonderful organization.

Sincerely, Maggee Simonton