In Memory of Finn

When first adopted Finn, he was a very reserved pup but he eventually bonded with me. It took another couple of years before he bonded with my husband Jim. In Finn’s mind, the pecking order of our home was first me, then Finn, and third was my husband who would refer to himself as the “back-up human.” One of Finn’s pleasures was taking over my husband’s leather chair and then staring at him.

Finn was very much a “lady’s man” preferring our daughters and granddaughters and their female dog to the male members of our family. Finn loved going for long walks – 3-4 miles a day, but he hated the cold weather. In winter he would do his business quickly and turn around and demand that we head back home. He liked routine – if we were still watching TV around 9:30 pm he would jump off the couch, stand by the door and stare at us so he could be walked and he would go to his bed in our bedroom.

Finnegan was an integral part of our lives and will remain in out hearts forever — our home feels empty without him.

Teri and Jim