In Loving Memory of Daisy Mae

The love from a dog is like no other. They love unconditionally and you are their entire world. They are family, our babies. They bring so much to our lives but take so much when they pass on. You’re still standing but a little less tall. You never get over it, but you do get through it.

We traveled from Phoenix to Las Vegas to get Daisy Mae. She panted and paced the whole drive back and refused to potty, despite our efforts with multiple stops. She was the definition of a stubborn Griffon. We arrived back at our house, she finally pottied in the backyard, we fed her a hot dog (which she had no problem eating), and then she passed out from exhaustion on the couch.

We only had a little over 3 years with her. She was our ray of sunshine, our little girl, our princess. She loved to find treasures in the backyard and bring them in the house in exchange for a treat. She loved to eat, play ball, and give kisses with her giant anteater-looking tongue. She would dance around, hop like a rabbit, and scoot in circles when she was excited. She would sit up just like a squirrel for treats, pets, or if she thought she was in trouble. The vacuum was her nemesis and the closet where it lived was constantly given the Daisy stink eye.

Daisy was very particular about who she would allow into her little world, and we were lucky enough to be some of the chosen ones. She was our little shadow, always following us from room to room. She was small in size at 11 pounds, but full of personality and a love for life. Her quirks and funny tendencies were all just endearing. She didn’t have the easiest life before she was ours. She was missing quite a bit of hair and had lots of excess skin from having so many litters of pups. We thought she was absolutely beautiful and perfect. She tolerated her brothers (Max and Flynn), but the love she showered us with was indescribable. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about her. There are no words that can describe how much she is missed. Our lives are forever changed by her; she is forever a part of us. Rest easy, honey, we hope to see you again someday sweet girl.

Brooke and Cody Jess