It is with great sadness that we write this memorial for our beloved Crickett.

We adopted Crickett and Gizmo (renamed Chipper) in May 2004 (Dallas, Texas). They had been kennel mates for 7 years. Both had heart murmurs and eye problems and were followed for same by our vet and a vet cardiologist. When we arrived in Florida they learned what a big backyard was, how to lie around and sunbathe and watch the birds and squirrels. They also learned what love was and were always ready for a belly rub.

Crickett became quite a lap dog. Even with frequent cardiac checkups, Crickett suddenly, in November 2005, started having lethargy and shortness of breath. She was rushed to our vet and we were told she was in right-sided heart failure. Tests were done and treatment started, but she got worse and would not eat. Our vet suggested a new heart drug (not yet FDA approved in the USA) It was to improve Crickett’s quality of life but would not change the outcome.

We sent to Canada and got the new drug (with FDA approval). It arrived and we started the Vetmedin (Pimobendan bid) we saw great improvement overnight. She could even eat again. All through the treatment her buddy Chipper was always at her side.

Suddenly on December 31, 2005, Crickett collapsed and was rushed to the vet. We lost our beloved Crickett and we miss her very much. She will forever be in our hearts. She was a wonderful Griffon.

Mamas: Donna Barbarick and Kay George