?????? – August 13, 2009

Chester came to National Brussels Griffon Rescue from a shelter near Cincinnati, OH in early May 2009. The shelter told us they thought he might be 3-4 years old and he had vision problems so he was doing very poorly in the shelter.

A kind volunteer who had previously adopted from us picked Chester up from the shelter and kept him for a weekend. Chester was mostly blind and restless and afraid – afraid to be left alone but also afraid to be touched by human hands. After a few days, he went to a different foster home with a great rescue-friendly breeder in Ohio. She and her daughter worked with Chester. When he arrived with them he was skulking in the back of his crate and biting out at anyone who he sensed was nearby. Pretty soon he began to trust and to know the voices and scents of his new people. Within a few weeks, Chester became a completely different dog – wiggling and waggling when he heard his people approaching – wanting love and affection as much as any griffon.

Chester’s foster family realized fairly quickly that his vision was not his only problem – so we did some testing on him and discovered he was diabetic and his levels were off the charts. Over a period of about 3 months, the foster family faithfully administered insulin to Chester and retested him until Chester’s levels were brought into normal ranges. The goal was that when Chester’s diabetes were under control we could try to see if his eyes could be repaired. We determined that we should move him to a new foster home where there would only be one or two other dogs and where he would get even more one on one time. The day before Chester’s scheduled move he had a seizure and then another just before he was to leave for the new foster home. The new foster parents – a wonderful couple from Michigan – said they were willing to go ahead with picking him up anyway.

Chester moved to Michigan but very soon after his arrival he began having more seizures – back-to-back seizures. The vets could not quickly find the causes for the seizures and the toll they were taking on this poor little boy was horrible.

Chester left this world just a few months after he came to NBGR. He was nestled in the arms of his foster parents and he knew that he was surrounded by love when they let him go. This little boy made a big impression on those who cared for him and they were so sad for him to go. He was well-loved during his time with NBGR.

We know Chester is now running and playing and seeing again with other sweet pups who are in another better place now.

Rest in peace Chester – ? — 8/13/09.