Buffy & Beowulf

Buffy and Beowulf: You will be in our hearts forever.

Lovingly owned by: Teri Gatto

Beowulf (Woolfie) was five years old when he came into our lives. I found Beowulf on Petfinder.com The photo on the site showed a weird-looking little dog with sad eyes. I immediately filled out an adoption application. While waiting for the adoption to go through, someone from the Brussels Griffon Rescue e‐mailed to let me know that the dog that my husband Jim and I were hoping to adopt was a Brussels Griffon – a breed we had not heard of before.

When we finally brought Beowulf home, he was frozen in fear. The person who had fostered him gave us misleading information and soon we found that Beowulf had many behavioral and physical problems. I tracked down the West Virginia shelter where he came from to try to get his history and I was told he was severely abused. Our vet told us he thought Beowulf’s back had been fractured. It took Beowulf over two years to adjust to life with us and trust us. He was a mere five pounds but had the heart of a lion. He was a loyal, loving, and funny little man. He brightened our lives for almost 10 years and we miss him every day.

Three‐year‐old Buffy came to us from a shelter in Connecticut. A calm, sweet, little girl, we adopted Buffy so she could keep Beowulf company. Buffy and her brother (who had lost an eye to an infection) were sent to the shelter by a backyard breeder who had no more use for them. The shelter felt it was best to separate Buffy from her brother, so I called the Brussels Griffon rescue group and let them know he was there. He was taken from the shelter within 48 hours and placed with a foster family who became his permanent family.

Buffy had the Griffy “woo woo” bark and when excited, she got up on her back legs and “danced.” She was a girly girl who did not like to get her feet wet when it rained and would walk around a puddle rather than go through it. She was fearless and would take on a dog three times her size.

Buffy and Beowulf were formidable team. If alone in the house I always felt safe because Buffy and Beowulf were always on guard. They communicated with each other and always acted as a unit if they heard or smelled something out of the ordinary. Buffy was a happy girl who enjoyed sleeping on our bed, taking walks, playing with Beowulf, and sitting with Jim, while he read or worked.

While younger than Beowulf, Buffy developed a heart condition at the age of 10. Buffy passed away and two weeks later Beowulf followed.