In Memory of
Annie Belle & Lindy Lu Bangs

“You Were Our Favorite Hellos, and Hardest Goodbyes.”

Our family adopted our very first 3 Brussels Griffons from Connie Dolan Lawrence at NBGR in 2011. First, we picked up Lindy Lu (age 8), then Buster (9 mos.), and finally our little Annie Belle (age 9). My husband wasn’t too keen on adopting Annie. ‘Why do we need a 3rd?’ he would say. ‘Why not?!’ I would say. Well, needless to say, little Annie Belle became his favorite in short order.

Like most rescues, Annie and Lindy had very different pasts. We knew Annie had a tough life and probably had to fend for herself before we got her….she was our spitfire! Lindy, on the other hand, was clearly loved and spoiled rotten before we got her. She always had panic attacks when I left to go on business trips, or if Grandma had to come babysit while we left for vacation….however, I always got the ‘happy dance’ and spins when I walked back through the door. They loved Daddy just as much, but he didn’t get that attention when he got home for some reason! We had some definite anger and dominance issues early on between the two girls, but within about 6 months, they were truly sisters. Always laying on top of one another, grooming each other, and playing together.

We did everything with them! Annie and Lindy even went with us to Big Bend National Park and got to hike and see the hot springs! (oh, and dogs are not allowed in the park – whoops!). Annie LOVED mountains and trails and was always walking ahead of us. They especially loved their baby brother Buster, their human brother Colton and their Grandma (who spoiled them rotten at Christmas with Greenies, dog cookies, clothes, etc). We crate trained them early on which was easy for them…not so much Mom and Dad….and eventually the whole pack slept together at night in our bed. I can’t explain the level of joy and fulfillment they brought our entire family. Both girls followed me everywhere. True Velcro dogs. I work from home, and the girls always ran upstairs and got into their beds under my desk before I could pour my first cup of coffee. My friends always made fun of how much I posted about our babies on Facebook. Annie & Lindy loved going to the annual Griffy Get-togethers in Austin with Mommy, Daddy, and their brother Buster where they could see all their furry sweet Griffy friends (but mostly clung to Mama’s lap!). They only got the best dog food, but would always get sick of it within days, so we always had a nice variety in the house. They both had a huge wardrobe of dresses, hoodies, costumes, bandanas, etc. But they knew, their Texas A&M cheerleading outfits were Daddy’s favorite (and theirs!). They would jump up and down in excitement when we pulled out a new change of clothes. They thought it was so silly Daddy made them wear their cheerleading outfits on game day, or A&M would lose! As much as Annie loved Buster, she also hated him. He could be across the room and give her ‘the look’, make her mad and she would fly off the couch and through the living room to bite her baby brother in the neck (she had hardly any teeth). Buster took it like a pro, and never once fought back. He knew she was his tiny much older sissy. Our girls knew how much they were loved. Grandma had a special blanket made of their faces and even commissioned a famous artist to do a drawing of the three which will proudly hang in our home forever.

The pain we still feel is stronger than any other pets we have lost. There was something so special about our little girls. We miss the little things…..Annie’s little tootsie roll poos, and Lindy’s foot-longers! We miss yelling at Annie for digging her hole in the backyard grass only to be covered in mud. We miss swimming with them in our pool during summer. We miss the little games we used to play. We miss Annie’s super cute deep bark, and Lindy’s total obnoxious screeching bark. We miss their backward sneezes, panic attacks, kisses, and scratches. Mommy really misses Annie’s breath… was so sweet. Lindy’s not so much although she had the most beautiful teeth and smile (even the founder of NBGR told her that at one of the get-togethers). We miss their younger days flying up onto our bed at night without needing a bench, and then later have to be picked up to get on our bed. We miss Annie coming up short to jump on couch as her vision failed. We miss their 50 million nick-names; Bubbles, Landy Bong, Onnie, Little Horn, etc. Both girls passed within 4 months of one another from kidney disease which we didn’t know they had. They had just had their annual check-up and the vet said how great of shape each were in for their age (both around 15). Each was only sick for a few days before they passed, and we made sure they didn’t suffer. But those two days were the hardest.

We will adopt two more Griffs from NBGR very soon in their memory. But our angels Annie & Lindy will NEVER be replaced! They were our first Griffy girls. They were perfectly imperfect in every way and they were ours. They knew how much we loved them, and they both knew that we would see them again one day. They are so happy I made a shrine for them in my office and talk to them all the time. We love you, Annie Belle and Lindy Lu. Thank you for blessing us beyond comprehension. Thank you also to Connie and the foster families who watched our girls before they came home to us. 7 very short years with them, but 7 amazing years. Love, Mommy, Daddy & Buster Bangs